Fuel Wheels stand out from other off-road wheel brands in their quality and craftsmanship. When you see and feel these wheels you will instantly know the difference. Fuel has taken the time and paid attention to detail from the color quality to engineering so your wheels will not only look great but preform on the trail. 



Where to buy fuel wheels?

Jensen Bros. Off-Road sells all Fuel wheels. We are located right next to the main distribution center for Fuel in Salt Lake City, Utah. And if there is a size you need special ordered, we can likely get it in stock within 2 days.

Who makes fuel wheels?

Fuel Wheels are a Wheel Pros brand.

Where are Fuel wheels made?


How much are fuel wheels?

Costs of each wheel depend on size, color and type of wheel. Beadlocks, for example would be more expensive thatn non-beadlock wheels.